Pet Portraits & Watercolour Paintings

Hand-Painted for You

“Beautiful, one of a kind paintings. Lynsey really has a talent. After doing a wonderful Pet Portrait for me, I am blown away, it is simply perfect. Thankyou Lynsey, will be recommending you to all my friends.”

“I saw Lynsey’s previous animal portraits and was really impressed, but when Lynsey had finished one for me I couldn’t believe how much I loved it. Lynsey has a talent.”

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Perfect to use as a gift, turn into a card, print, phone screen saver and more…

Your favourite memories put down on paper

Commissioning your own pet portrait or watercolour painting is a wonderful way to remember a beloved pet or fond memory forever.

At Watercolours by Lynsey, I offer you a variety of options from which you can purchase a painting that is uniquely personal to you.

Download your own brochure containing everything you need to know about getting the perfect Pet Portrait HERE or take a look at my online shop below for more information.


I love creating your paintings. It’s such a rewarding job to be able to emulate your thoughts and feelings on paper.

Your feedback is so important to me and here a few of the lovely things you have said…

Options to suit you

I offer a range of sizes for my watercolour paintings giving you the choice of something small  to fit on a shelf or table or you also have the option of a larger piece suitable for a wall  hanging.

I provide my work across the whole of the UK so simply order your painting online and I will be in touch to discuss your artwork further.

Download your own brochure containing everything you need to know about getting the perfect Pet Portrait HERE or check out the range of options available below.


My Story

My name is Lynsey and I’m an Artist based in Manchester. From an early age I spent hour after hour colouring and drawing and it is from here I went on to create some of my favourite watercolours and illustrations. With these in mind I created Watercolours by Lynsey

I have always enjoyed many aspects of design – After leaving college with a Distinction in Art I went on to study Fashion and Image Making at Salford University and from here built a career within the beauty industry. From drawing to photography and textiles I take my inspiration from my surroundings, my favourite authors and films (Beatrix Potter & Studio Ghibli) as well as from my travels (Japan, Malaysia and Germany) around the world.

My illustrations are motivated by my love for the wild, animals and the magical worlds my mind wanders to when getting lost in my beloved books, films and places.

All my designs are lovingly made for you to suit your needs and are the perfect answer to capturing your fond memories in a frame.

Thank you